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 Leclercq, Spellman and Woodville Families and Including Historical
Documents and Sketches on Sweet Springs and Monroe County, West

My name is Lynn Spellman, I live on a farm in rural Monroe County, West
Virginia. I am married and have a daughter living in Louisiana, Monroe
County was named for our fifth president and is primarily agricultural, the
main products being beef cattle and dairy. Timbering, pulpwood cutting and
small businesses are also important, as is a plentiful supply of clean, fresh
water from many springs. Monroe also has a rich history and was settled
by several prominent families.

The community of Sweet Springs is located in a valley at the foot of Peter's
Mountain. One of the prominent families that settled the area was the Lewis
family from Augusta County, Virginia. William Lynn Lewis, son of John the
Pioneer of Augusta wanted to develop the area into a center of culture and

The following contains information on the listed families, my ancestors,that I have compiled from various sources and offer for your information: The information contained on these pages has not been verified for accuracy and is offered in good faith as being as nearly accurate as I've been able to determine.

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